HRS Wheat

AAC Cameron VB (NEW)

This awned, highest yielding CWRS is a midge tolerant powerhouse! AAC Brandon VB has significantly better lodging compared to Unity VB. Resistance to leaf and stem rust, with better lodging resistance than other CMRS varieties. AAC Cameron VB is also included in Warburtons contracting program. View the technical bulletin here.

AAC Connery

Is a very early maturing HRS variety. It has short strong straw and is suitable for high fertility situations.  Connery is an awnless variety with a bright red seed that holds its color much better than most varieties. View the technical bulletin here.

AAC Brandon (NEW)

AAC Brandon is especially attractive to wheat producers in our high yielding area of the Prairie. It is a short, strong strawed variety with good FHB resistance. It can be compared to AC Carberry as far as lodging, tolerance and disease resistance with +5% yield, 0.5 days earlier maturity and is 1 cm. shorter.


The tried and true public variety from the crop development center. This bearded variety has been and will continue to be the cornerstone for our Hard Red Spring Wheat production for the foreseeable future. Outstanding yield and easy to thresh are what makes this variety so popular in our area. Over 80% of the wheat grown in our area is CDC Go because it’s hard to find a more consistent performer.

CPSR Wheat

AAC Ryley

AAC Ryley is the newest member to our wheat lineup. This is a Secan variety that has great yield potential. On our farm in the fall of 2013 this had a yield of 115 bushels per acre when corrected for bushel weight. Ryley out yielded every other wheat variety, including most of the barley varieties on our farm last fall. This is the easiest wheat variety that I have ever thrashed. If you want to grow wheat that yields like barley, then this is the wheat for you. AAC RYLEY is medium height with reasonably strong straw. With the great yield in 2013, the only problem with lodging  was where we doubled up with fertilizer, and even that wasn't as bad as many of the other fields last fall. If you want a high yielding, medium maturing CPS Wheat try AAC RYLEY


AAC Spitfire (NEW)

Amber durum with excellent yield potential, good lodging tolerance and a strong disease package. AAC Spitfire has higher grain yield and stronger straw compared to AC Strongfield. Similar maturing, test weight and height to AC Strongfield with low cadmium content. View the technical bulletin here.


This amber durum is a conventional height and well adapted to the Western Canadian growing area. AC Strongfield has high yield protein similar to AC Avonlea and improvements in gluten strength. One day earlier maturity than AC Avonlea, Kyle and AC Navigator but similar to AC Morse with higher pigment concentration than Kyle and AC More makes Strongfield a desirable variety in the US and European markets.