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CWRS - AAC Redstar (NEW)

New for 2024!

Very good standing, early maturing hard red spring wheat. Coming in the spring of 2024.

AAC Redstar Info Sheet


The highest yielding CWRS ever registered with the added benefit of being midge tolerant. Has strong standability and an exceptional disease package including an MR for FHB and resistance to all other priority one diseases.

AAC Hodge VB Info Sheet

CWRS - AAC Hockley (NEW)

Next level performance over AAC Brandon and AAC Viewfield in yield, disease resistance and standability. High protein, easy to thresh with an unsurpassed disease package.

AAC Hockley Info Sheet

CWRS - AAC Starbuck VB

Orange wheat blossom midge tolerant, semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein, good straw strength, lower FHB and DON accumulation.

AAC Starbuck VB Info Sheet

CWRS - CS Jake

An ultra-early maturing variety with excellent stripe rust protection and higher protein content. High yielding potential with noticeable protein improvement over other varieties.

CS Jake Info Sheet

CWRS - AAC Wheatland VB

A semi-dwarf CWRS with excellent grain yield, high protein and excellent straw strength – it’s also tolerant to the orange wheat blossom midge.

AAC Wheatland VB Info Sheet

CWRS - AAC Brandon

Awned, semi-dwarf wheat variety capable of achieving high yields across many types of land and climate conditions on the prairies. Similar lodging tolerance and disease resistance to AC® Carberry with 105% yield index, 0.5 day earlier maturity and 1 cm shorter plant height.

AAC Brandon Info Sheet

CWRS - AAC Viewfield

A short, semi-dwarf CWRS with the highest standability ratings and leading sprout tolerance. It has exceptional performance in dry conditions.

AAC Viewfield Info Sheet

CPS - UA Forefront (NEW)

New high yielding CPS wheat with good straw strength. Kernal size and quality is better than many varieties on the market. In our trials, Forefront outyielded Penhold by 5%. This is a Foremost replacement which is no longer in the CPS category.

Soft White - AC Sadash VB

High yielding, high quality, awned, midge tolerant soft white spring wheat. Semi-dwarf with short strong straw. Lower protein, along with high grain yields expected to be suitable for ethanol production. Also a great silage option for extending the season that will definitely help to maximize tonnage.

AC Sadash VB Info Sheet

CWAD - AAC Stronghold

Solid stemmed durum with good sawfly tolerance, good gluten strength, low grain cadmium content, and improved leaf spot resistance.

AAC Stronghold Info Sheet

CWRW - AAC Wildfire

A bronze chaff, awned hard red winter wheat variety with exceptional grain yield potential and very good winter hardiness. It also has medium height, excellent lodging tolerance, and is late maturing.

AAC Wildfire Info Sheet

Canola for Sale


Brett Young - BY 7102LL

Premiere Liberty Link hybrid with stacked 1st and next generation Clubroot resistance. DefendR rated Blackleg protection. A full-season hybrid with excellent plant and vigour standability.

BY 7102LL 

Brett Young - BY 6217TF

Pod, Clubroot and Blackleg DefendR Protection with flexibility of the TruFlex Canola System. A canola hybrid with Pod DefendR to reduce pod shatter. Suitable for mid and long-season zones with 106% yield rating.

BY 6217TF

Brett Young - BY 6214TF

High-performing, mid-maturity hybrid with advanced disease resistance traits. Pod integrity that is suitable for delayed swathing. Next-generation clubroot resistance, resistance to newer pathotypes, and blackleg protection. Yield rating of 103%.

BY 6214TF

Brett Young - BY 6211TF

A new level of pod shatter resistance with DefendR Blackleg Protection. Well suited to direct harvest and delayed swathing systems. Excellent yield potential with mid-season maturity.

BY 6211TF Info Sheet

Brett Young - BY 6207TF

Medium long maturity suitable for mid and long season zones. Clubroot resistance (Next-generation* resistance) including resistance to newer pathotypes such as 2B, 3A, 3D and others. TruFlex hybrid equipped with the latest in herbicide trait technology.

BY 6207TF Info Sheet

Brett Young - BY 6204TF

A true mid-maturity product suitable for all production zones. DefendR rated Blackleg resistance plus Clubroot protection. TruFlex hybrid equipped with the latest in herbicide trait technology.

BY 6204TF Info Sheet

Brett Young - 6074 RR

The Roundup Ready canola variety with yields to challenge InVigor. Improved tolerance to Sclerotinia Stem Rot, Blackleg resistant, and a true consistent performer with excellent harvestability.

6074 RR Info Sheet

Brett Young - BY 5125CL

The yield leader in the Clearfield segment. R-rated Blackleg resistance plus 1st generation* Clubroot protection.

BY 5125CL Info Sheet

Canterra - CS4000 LL

LibertyLink hybrid with 106% yield rating. A mid-season canola that offers a strong disease package with clubroot and blackleg resistance with excellent straight cut performance.

CS4000 LL Info Sheet

Canterra - CS3100 TF

Full season TruFlex hybrid with both excellent yield potential and straight cut performance. Multigenic blackleg resistance, and 1st and 2nd generation clubroot resistance.

CS3100 TF Info Sheet

Canterra - CS3000 TF

Mid-maturing TruFlex hybrid with excellent 106.2% yield potential. Multigenic blackleg resistance and 2nd generation clubroot resistance.

CS3000 TF Info Sheet

Canterra - CS2800 CL

Full maturity Clearfield canola hybrid with excellent yield potential, multigenic blackleg resistance, and 1st and 2nd generation clubroot resistance.

CS2800 CL Info Sheet

Canterra - CS2700 CL

A high-yielding Clearfield® hybrid featuring clubroot resistance, multigenic Blackleg resistance and exclusive contract premiums.

CS2700 CL Info Sheet

Canterra - CS2600 CR-T

An early-maturing TruFlex™ Canola with Roundup Ready® Technology hybrid that features unparalleled application window and rate flexibility that greatly enhances your weed control options, enhanced clubroot resistance to one of the widest ranges of pathotypes and straight cut potential.

CS2600 CR-T Info Sheet

Canterra - CS2500 CL

Exclusive contract premiums with one-pass weed control that saves time and offers more ROI – only available with Clearfield® Canola.

CS2500 CL Info Sheet

Canterra - CS2300

Strong legs and big bushels – a Roundup Ready® canola hybrid setting a new standard for yield and standability.

CS2300 Info Sheet

Canterra - CS2100

A Roundup Ready® canola hybrid with excellent yield potential, multigenic Blackleg resistance and straight-cut option.

CS2100 Info Sheet

Barley for Sale



NEW for 2024!
Very high yield 113% of CDC Copeland. Strong strawed 2-row malting barley. New in Canada but the most widely accepted accepted variety in the world!


Very high yielding strong strawed 2-row malting barley with an excellent agronomic package. Has low enzyme activity making it ideally suited to 100% malt brewing.

CDC Churchill Info Sheet

Malt - AAC Connect

Great yield potential and excellent malt quality attributes. Best FHB resistance in its class with superior yield and short, strong straw.

AAC Connect Info Sheet

Malt - AC Metcalfe

Two-row spring malting barley with high yields, good agronomic traits, moderate disease resistance and excellent malting quality. Long-term malting check. Consistent performance that continues to have wide acceptance from maltsters.

AC Metcalfe Info Sheet

Malt - AAC Synergy

A two-row malt barley includes relatively low protein with high plump, high extract and low beta-glucan levels. Great yield potential with favourable quality for the malt market.

AAC Synergy Info Sheet

Malt - CDC Copeland

An older but most widely excepted malt variety with good yield. Combines excellent brewing characteristics with lower protein and enzyme levels.

CDC Copeland Info Sheet

FEED - CDC Renegade (NEW)

Available in the spring of 2024! Extremely high yielding 2-row feed barley with smooth awns for discerning cattlemen and cattlewomen.

CDC Renegade Info Sheet


Next level yielding spring 2-row barley with an attractive agronomic package. Malt quality with exceptionally short strong straw.

Esma Info Sheet


Next level yielding 2-row, short straw barley with top-in-class standability. Great harvestability and straw management for feed or malt producers.

Sirish Info Sheet

Feed - CDC Austenson

A tried and tested two-row feed barley with top grain yield, straw strength, test weight and kernel size and plumpness. Particularly well suited to producers seeking a top yielding 2-row feed barley with improved performance over Xena.

CDC Austenson Info Sheet

Feed - Canmore

A two-row, high yielding feed barley with shorter stature and excellent disease resistance package. Well suited for high inputs and irrigation.

Canmore Info Sheet

Feed - AB Advantage

 An incredibly high yielding feed barley. AB Advantage is smooth awned suitable for forage with lots of potential for tonnage per acre.

AB Advantage Info Sheet

Peas for Sale


Yellow - CS ProStar (NEW)

New for 2024, Limited Volume!

Exhibits a very high protein content without compromising its high yield potential. Has an earlier maturity and significantly lower seed coat breakage compared to CDC Amarillo and AAC Lacombe.

CS ProStar Info Sheet

Yellow - AAC Ardill

The highest yielding yellow pea in the RVT sites across AB in zone 1 and 2 and the second highest yielding variety across AB of all varieties tested for 2020. Maturity rating Early/Medium. Excellent seed coat rating.

AAC Ardill Info Sheet

Yellow - AAC Carver

High yielding pea variety suitable for all pea growing areas. Very early maturing, good standability, and great seed coat.

AAC Carver Info Sheet

Green - CDC Forest

A high yielding, medium maturing pea with good seed coat integrity. It has improved mycosphaerella blight resistance and powdery mildew resistance.

CDC Forest Info Sheet

Oats for Sale


Milling - CDC Endure

Extremely high yield and great agronomic performance. It outyields AC Morgan with better standability, high test weight and plumpness. It also provides the high beta glucan levels that end users require to make heart healthy products.

CDC Endure Info Sheet

Milling - CS Camden

Grower and miller approved with high yields and improved quality. Shorter stature with excellent lodging resistance.

CS Camden Info Sheet

Red Lentils for Sale

Other Seeds

219-16 Faba Beans

A small seeded, white flowered faba bean with improved yield compared to CDC Snowdrop. It has a similar maturity and standability as CDC Snowbird and Snodrop. It is also shorter in height.

219-16 Info Sheet

CDC Nimble Red Lentils

A high-yielding small red lentil that is an Imidazolinone tolerant variety. It is higher yielding with a greater seed thickness than CDC Maxim. It is rated “Good” for Ascochyta and Anthracnose.

CDC Nimble Info Sheet

CDC Proclaim Red Lentils

A high-yielding small red lentil that is a Clearfield® tolerant variety. It has very similar plant characteristics to CDC Maxim, but is higher yielding and has a plumper seed. It is well-suited to the Dark Brown and Brown soil zone regions that produce red lentils.

CDC Proclaim Info Sheet

KWS Serafino Hybrid Rye

A very high yielding multi-purpose rye good for grain, feed, flour and distilling. It has excellent straw strength, low ergot risk, and a very good drought stress tolerance.

KWS Serafino Info Sheet

AB Snowcat Winter Triticale

A new winter triticale from Canterra Seeds. This is a great forage or grain trit with yields that are a notch above what we’re used to seeing. Snowcat stands great and cattlemen will want to make it part of their forage rotation.

AB Snowcat Info Sheet


Wide variety of high quality Brett Young forage seeds is available. Let us help you find the right stock blend, tailored to your farm.

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