Located two kilometers north of Three Hills Ab, is Penwest Seeds, a family owned and operated seed farm. Owner operator Larry Penner is a third generation farmer that has been in this current location since 1988. Penwest Seeds is conveniently located in close proximity of two large inland grain terminals (Cargill and Viterra) and also the Three Hills and District Seed Cleaning Plant. Penwest Seeds Strives to help customers Seed for Success, selling top quality pedigree seed locally grown. Penwest Seeds offers tried and true varieties along with new varieties they believe will thrive on the prairies.

Penwest Seeds Team

Our Vision

Penwest Seeds will strive to improve agriculture by providing their customers with a strong selection of certified, top quality, traceable, reliable products at competitive prices in a timely manner from a qualified knowledgeable staff.

Our Mission

Penwest Seeds is a growing Certified Seed merchandising company in central Alberta Canada. We grow, contract, procure, market, apply seed treatments and deliver top quality certified seed and other agricultural products throughout western Canada and the northern United States. We are passionate about improving the profitability of our customers by providing certified, high quality, traceable seed to the farming industry in a timely and efficient manner.

Our History

Penwest Seeds has its roots deep in agriculture. Growing commercial grain and seed for over 30 years has given us the experience and knowledge to know what works and what doesn’t. Always keeping an eye on profitability but looking through the lens of sustainability has helped Penwest Seeds continue to grow with the support of our valued customers. Over the years Penwest Seeds has witnessed many changes in agriculture but one thing has stayed the same. The key to growing a crop and harnessing its maximum potential starts with choosing seed that will give consistent proven performance. This is why we produce and sell certified seed, to give our customers the best opportunity at maximizing that potential.

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