Penwest Seeds Adds Two New Varieties for the Upcoming Growing Season

Offering leading, quality genetics for your farm, Penwest Seeds is pleased to add two new varieties for the upcoming growing season. 

AAC Cameron VB

This awned, highest yielding CWRS is a midge tolerant powerhouse!
AAC Brandon VB has significantly better lodging compared to Unity VB. Resistance to leaf and stem rust. It has better lodging resistance than other CMRS varieties. AAC Cameron VB is also included in Warburtons contracting program. For more information and to check out trial results visit: Canterra

AAC Spitfire 

Amber durum with excellent yield potential, good lodging tolerance and a strong disease package. AAC Spitfire has higher grain yield and stronger straw compared to AC Strongfield. It has similar maturing, test weight and height to AC Strongfield with low cadmium content. For more information visit: Secan. 

Coming soon…. AAC Stronghold Durum – a solid stem durum with short, strong straw for ease of straw management and speed of harvest. 

  • October 3, 2018

New varieties for 2018


New for spring 2018, we are excited to offer two new yellow pea varieties.

AAC Carver Peas (pictured above) are a great standing variety listed as medium maturity (but in our experience, they were definitely on the earlier side).  Carvers have a good disease package and we noticed very little disease in our crop last year.  The seed coat is stronger than many of the new popular varieties. The seed size is larger than Meadows with the technical bulletin saying around 240 grams/1000.  We were very impressed with this Carvers this year and we think this will have a good fit for guys that are looking for a good standing early maturing yellow pea variety.


AAC Ardill is a semi-leafless, high yielding and powdery mildew resistant yellow pea variety. In registration trials, AAC Ardill yielded 20 percent and 17 percent higher than the check varieties in 2014 and 2015 Sask Seed Guide. AAC Ardill had a lodging score of 3.5, significantly lower than the lodging score of the check varieties. It has very good seed shape and seed integrity. AAC Ardill matured at approximately 103 days, one or two days later than the check varieties.  This is the first year we have grown this variety and I really liked it. From planting to harvest there was nothing about Ardills that we didn’t like.

New BASF inoculant for peas


Did you know BASF has a new inoculant for peas It is the first Biostacked solid core granular inoculant for peas and lentils.  Nodulator Duo SCG
Book your inoculant early for the spring of 2018. View the data sheet here.


Cliff Upton Joins Penwest Seeds


We are very pleased to welcome Cliff Upton to Penwest Seeds. Cliff comes with extensive ag retail experience.

Please Call him at the office at 403-443-2577 or email him to book your canola pea or cereal seed.


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Penwest Update

Penwest Seeds is now supplying Brett Young Seeds varieties of canola. Also available is bioboost for improved canola yields. Please have a look at the Brett Young canola lineup and then order your seed from Penwest Seeds.

Have you heard about the new Storm Seed Treater? Penwest Seeds will be using the new Storm Seed Treater to improve the quality of our seed treatment application process.

Watch the Storm treater in action

Click here to watch the video

Seed for sale

Spreading the Good Word on Wheat

We want to spread the good news about wheat. Are you tired of all the misinformation out there? Mark Kelly does a great job of debunking anti-wheat crusaders false information.

Brandon Penwest Seeds

New varieties for 2017

New for the spring of 2016 we are excited to feature a new HRSW from Secan. AAC Brandon. According to the Alberta Seed Guide, Brandon is one of the top yielding hard red spring varieties. As a bonus it’s rated the highest for lodging and again has the highest rating available for FHB. We have a limited supply of the new high yielder so book early to make sure you get a chance to try this new one.