Yellow Peas

CDC Amarillo

This a medium height variety with one of the best lodging resistance ratings. Seed weight is less than CDC Saffron but has medium protein content and good cooking quality. We have grown these from breeder seed directly from the Crop Development Centre in Saskatoon and have been very impressed so far. We’ve also had lots of positive feedback from growers.

CDC Meadow

CDC Meadows have been proven again and again to be a top performer. Meadows are an early maturing medium sized pea with strong seed coat characteristics. We have tried to find a better yellow pea but CDC Meadows are still one of the best varieties on the market.

Green Peas

CDC Patrick

These green CDC Patrick peas are an excellent yielding pea and have also tested great for lodging resistance, bleaching resistance, powdery mildew and fusarium wilt resistance when compared with Cooper and CDC Striker. In our experience, Patrick peas stand better than other varieties of green peas that we have grown in the past. We also noticed that they have tough seed coat and are less likely to crack.

CDC Limerick

CDC Limerick has good lodging resistance and is the highest-yielding green pea variety on the market. It has round, smooth seeds with high protein content and good bleaching resistance.