CDC Copeland

CDC Copeland has a yield advantage to the AC Metcalfe with good kernel plumpness and weight. It also has an intermediate resistance to the surface-born smuts, net blotch and common root rot. CDC Copeland was our highest yielding barley for 2012 harvest.

AC Metcalfe

AC Metcalfe is a tried and true two-row malt barley with the largest acceptance in Western Canada. With most of our Metcalfe being accepted for malt year after year it is the safest bet out there for the malt varieties.


CDC Austenson

CDC Austenson is a well established feed variety that is quite new but has taken off over the last few years. it has a great yield with strong straw. The kernals are plump making it the perfect choice for feeders.

Canmore (New)

Canmore is a 2 row general purpose barley with applications to the feed as well as the developing shochu market. With a greatly improved lodging resistance over Xena and an MR rating to scald as well as higher % plumps and test weight, this Canterra Seeds variety has potential.

Barley Malt/Feed


This is a well-rounded barley choice offered by Canterra Seeds. Bentley is a 2 row, three purpose barley good for feed, forage and malting. A high % plump, biomass well suited for forage and malt contracts offered through Canada Malting make it a logical choice.