AAC Ryley

cps wheatAAC Ryley is the newest member to our wheat lineup. This is a Secan variety that has great yield potential. On our farm in the fall of 2013 this had a yield of 115 bushels per acre when corrected for bushel weight. Ryley out yielded every other wheat variety, including most of the barley varieties on our farm last fall. This is the easiest wheat variety that I have ever thrashed. If you want to grow wheat that yields like barley, then this is the wheat for you. AAC RYLEY is medium height with reasonably strong straw. With the great yield in 2013, the only problem with lodging  was where we doubled up with fertilizer, and even that wasn’t as bad as many of the other fields last fall.

If you want a high yielding, medium maturing CPS Wheat try AAC RYLEY