Penwest Seeds Adds Two New Varieties for the Upcoming Growing Season

Offering leading, quality genetics for your farm, Penwest Seeds is pleased to add two new varieties for the upcoming growing season. 

AAC Cameron VB

This awned, highest yielding CWRS is a midge tolerant powerhouse!
AAC Brandon VB has significantly better lodging compared to Unity VB. Resistance to leaf and stem rust. It has better lodging resistance than other CMRS varieties. AAC Cameron VB is also included in Warburtons contracting program. For more information and to check out trial results visit: Canterra

AAC Spitfire 

Amber durum with excellent yield potential, good lodging tolerance and a strong disease package. AAC Spitfire has higher grain yield and stronger straw compared to AC Strongfield. It has similar maturing, test weight and height to AC Strongfield with low cadmium content. For more information visit: Secan. 

Coming soon…. AAC Stronghold Durum – a solid stem durum with short, strong straw for ease of straw management and speed of harvest. 

  • October 3, 2018